1. Overview

iHandsFree can let you dial your iPhone/Android from mac. iHandsFree connected to your Mac via headphone and microphone you can call.

  1. Description

Address book

- Synchronizing phone address book (not editable)

- Synchronizing contacts in mac (not editable)

Export (drag and Drop)

- Export vCard file

- Export Recorded file


- Battery level indicator of phone

- Battery percentage(%) indicator of phone (only iPhone)

- Display phone clock (only iPhone)

- Display signal strength status and signal level

- Display operator

- Display roaming status

- Display call status


- Dial a call

- Receive a call

- Reject a call

- Hold a call

- Mute a microphone

- Record a call

- Dial a Second call

- Call waiting, call forwarding


- Missed Call

- Missed Call Count